Discover and negotiate fantasy trades with your league mates.

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How does it work?

Convincing stubborn league mates to make trades is painful. Save yourself time and frustration by letting us help you discover and negotiate trades that you'll both love.

Step 1. Value each player.

Both owners go through each player on both rosters and tell us who you like and dislike.

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Step 2. Rate a handful of trades.

Both owners indicate how they'd respond to each hypothetical trade generated from our AI. This will help us find optimal trade ideas that will make both parties happy.

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Step 3. Make a deal.

A comprehensive trade talk report is generated for you and your league mate. All that's left is to make a deal with your league mate.

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Save Time

Trying to deduce your league mate's opinion on every player takes forever. We take care of that so you can focus on your team.

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Make Better Trades

We figure out how your league mate values every player so that you can put together the perfect trade packages.

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More Fun

Unresponsive & unreasonable league mates are annoying. Let us mediate so that you can focus on what you love: building a winning team.

Less drama. More trades.